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Together with our stakeholders, we work towards realising our vision - a world where individuals are self actualised and are acting as active citizens. We believe everyone, regardless of the sector that they are from, is capable of playing their part. The groups of stakeholders that we empower are:


These are individuals who are looking for opportunities to contribute and make a difference to the community. Through the shared services that we offer to the social organisations, we create the platform for these individuals to channel their skills to these social organisations.

Social Organisations

These are the non-profit organisations and social enterprises that are championing various social causes. Our shared services fulfil their critical backend operational needs and by tapping on them, these organisations are able to focus on pursuing their social mission.


These are corporations that are no longer looking for one-off community projects or outright donations to enlarge their positive corporate footprints. These corporations are looking to contribute to the community through sustainable means that also engages their staff in the process. As the linchpin connecting the various stakeholders, Empact is well poised to assist the corporations in doing so. 


Social venture capitalists and foundations are in the position to provide the necessary funding support to social organisations. Such grantmakers often need to compare between causes, measure their social impacts, as well as evaluate the soundness of the ideas and organisations. Through our work and the network of social organisations that are our clients, Empact is able to provide the necessary groundwork for the grantmakers.