Peter and Jiali from Empact's team on 95.8FM radio show about Social Enterprises!

November 2013

When it comes to doing good for the community, "money shouldn't be a showstopper." Read more on what our Founder, Peter Yang has to say on here.

Ever wondered what Skills-Based Volunteering is and how it can work for you? In this research done by Corporate Social Responsibility Asia, our Founder, Peter contributed by talking about using the skills, knowledge, experiences, talents, and expertise of volunteers to match the needs of social business and non-profit organisations.

Check out this research here.

October 2013

On 2 December, 2013, Empact designed an event that was initiated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). The programme is called the Pilot Mentoring Programme. Through this fruitful proposal of transferring commercial knowledge of business leaders to established social enterprises, we have been featured in numerous news channel. 

TODAY Online News. 

Straits Times Breaking News. 

Asia One News. 

June 2012

Find out about how Empact came about in this article by the National Volunteer and Philanthrophy Centre. 

"If your organisation is not sustainable, you can forget about making social impact." – Peter Yang, Founder of Empact, also talks about how it is equally important to sustain yourself financially and do good at the same time.