Our Volunteer Development Programme

Our vision is to develop individuals into Active Citizens by creating skill-based volunteering opportunities and relevant experiences in our flagship Volunteer Development Programme (VDP). Our concept of Active Citizen is one who takes ownership and responsibilities of the community that he or she lives in.

How You Can Make A Difference with Your Skills

Skill-based volunteering allows individuals, like yourself, to utilise your skills to help non-profit organisations and social enterprises to achieve their social missions. Through the process, you will be able to sharpen your professional skills and, at the same time, champion social causes that matters to you.

How the Volunteer Development Programme Makes A Difference to You

Our Volunteer Development Programme provides you with the opportunity to: 

  • Contribute to projects that are aligned with your skill sets and interests;
  • Be further developed professionally under our programme;
  • Network with other like-mind practitioners and corporations; and
  • Be exposed to the social service sectors through workshops, dialogues and learning journeys.