Our Services for Grantmakers

How You Can Maximise Your Social Impact

With the plethora of organisations seeking support for their social causes, grantmakers (in the likes of corporations, foundations and social venture capitalists) are challenged to distinguish between them.  Grantmakers, like you, may require support to compare between causes, measuring their social impacts, as well as evaluating the soundness of the ideas and different organisations.

Through our network of partners and social organisations, Empact would be able to assist you in performing due diligence on potentials, sourcing for matching social causes and organisations, as well as extend our shared services to ensure the success of your existing beneficiaries.

Advisory Services

Since our inception, we have had the opportunity to work with grantmakers in the form of foundation and corporate donors. Our capabilities allow us to offer grantmakers:

     Connection & referral to prospects
     Programme design & evaluation
     Due diligence on prospects
     Research on landscape & opportunities
     Monitoring progress of grant recipients
     Social impact measurement

To find out how we could assist your organisation, you can email us at admin(at)empact.sg or call us at 6536 3167.