Our Services for Corporations

How You Can Increase Your Positive Corporate Footprints

Enlightened corporations are no longer looking for one-off community projects or outright donations to enlarge their positive corporate footprints. Your corporation could be looking to contribute to the community through sustainable means that also engages your staff in the process. Services that we provide to corporations include reviewing your existing corporate social responsibility strategies and to include your staff engagement through structured skill-based volunteerism and matching them to social causes that are aligned to your corporate values and interests. 

Community Investment & Talent Development Services

As the linchpin connecting the various stakeholders, we are well poised to assist your corporation in doing so locally and across Asia:

     Advise on community investment projects
     Advise on social impact measurement
     Design & implement corporate skills-based volunteering programmes
     Design & incorporate talent development into corporate volunteering programmes

To find out how we could assist your organisation, you can email us at admin(at)empact.sg or call us at 6536 3167.